Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship Program Canada

Family reunification is one of the mainstays of Canada’s immigration framework. Since the end of the Second World War, Canada has looked to invite foreigners to fortify its economy and unite families on philanthropic and humane grounds.

The family sponsorship is the second-biggest classification of newcomers invited by Canada under its Immigration Levels Plan. Canada is seeking after the most significant levels of immigration in its set of experiences to help its post-COVID financial recuperation. As mentioned in an article by, Canada intends to welcome more than 400,000 new immigrants each year, of which about 100,000 workers each year fall under the family class.

If you are a Canadian with a permanent residence or a resident with a relative who needs to move to Canada, you might have the option to assist them with turning into a permanent resident.

Your family or relatives can live, study and work in Canada assuming that they become permanent residents of Canada. You can sponsor specific family members to come to Canada if you’re:-

  • At least 18 years old
  • Canadian resident.

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      Stage 1: Ensure that you meet eligibility rules to be a sponsor.

      Stage 2: Ensure that the relative you plan to sponsor meets the qualification rules.

      Stage 3: You should apply at the government level to the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Assuming that you are a Quebec occupant, at the common level to the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI). You should present your sponsorship and Permanent Resident (PR) application of your relatives together. Whenever you have been considered qualified to support, your PR application will be reviewed.

      Stage 4: You will be needed to pay the family sponsorship application expense.

      Stage 5: Send your application to the right address. You will find this data in the sponsorship guide that is accessible for download on the government site.

      When the IRCC has accepted your PR immigration application, you will get an Acknowledgment of Receipt also called an AOR. This AOR is an affirmation that your application document has been made. You may likewise allude to an “AOR date” which is the date from when your half-year planned handling time starts.

      You can sponsor your spouse, partner, Conjugal partner, Dependent juveniles, parents, grandparents, siblings, nephews or nieces, adopted child under 18 years old and not married.

      Application Process Duration

      The sponsorship application process duration will rely upon to which Canadian Immigration Visa Office the application was sent and the kind of relative sponsored. Spouses, common-law accomplices and dependent juveniles are given priority. On the other hand, other types of sponsorship applications can take a longer time.

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