About Us

Servica is a locally owned service organisation based in Canada. The organisation specialise in giving representation and counselling to foreign nationals wanting to acquire a Canadian visa and enter the country on a permanent or temporary basis. We have been representing our clients in Canada and globally for over 15 Years.

The free information and instruments accessible on Servica are intended to help individuals around the globe move to Canada.  Servica team regularly updates itself on immigration lawyers, marketers, journalists, and researchers. This helps them provide the best services to their clients without any hindrance.

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      Our Vision

      We treat each of our customers with poise and regard by offering customised administrations and one-on-one direction to every single case. Servica takes extraordinary personal pride in giving customers excellent lawful representation, guaranteeing reasonable treatment by visa officials, and giving the most noteworthy opportunity to be allowed status in Canada.

      Servica likewise specialises in other essential services like process serving, court filing, skip tracing and public notary services. The qualified and dedicated process servers in Servica have years of experience and provide a rush response and timely delivery.

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