Servica Academy: Become an Immigration Agent!

The immigration field offers a dynamic and rewarding career. Servica brings a golden opportunity for you to become an Immigration Agent through its new venture- Servica Academy.

Read ahead to know more about the role of an immigration agent and our new initiative.

An immigration agent is a person who helps citizens of his/her country to migrate to another one through his understanding of immigration procedures.

Immigration could be for various purposes such as work, study, travel, business, etc.

Role of an immigration agent: 

  • learn about the Canadian immigration process and the different programs under it.
  • make accurate information available to current and potential migrants.
  • play the role of a salesperson and get clients.
  • direct the clients to the immigrant consultant who will lead the process further.

Highlights of the course:

Servica Academy is offering a three-month-long, online immigration course. Post-completion, one can become an authorised¬† Servica Immigration agent in one’s country. It’s a steal deal because of its twin benefits. One, the agent can help his brethren to fulfil their dreams of migrating to Canada. Second, the agent earns merit which increases their chances to visit Canada.

The Immigration Agent is designed to work with a regulated immigration consultant to guide the interested applicants for a large number of opportunities in the Canadian immigration system. Every country has a national law that governs the immigration process. The students of the course are trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Canadian immigration laws.

This would help the agents to target the potential immigrants to migrate to Canada. The curriculum has several modules through which students would learn about the programs of the Canadian immigration system.

The three-month Servica Immigration Agent course would train you to help your fellow countrymen in migrating to Canada. Embrace this opportunity and be a certified Servica agent to bring the heritage of your place to Canada! At the same time, multiply your chances to visit the country.

At the End of the course, Servica will provide you with the certificate of Completion and give you an opportunity to be one of its agents in your country. Servica will give you an opportunity to join this Canadian reputed firm.